About Us

Security Tapestry has roots in the Information Technology industry going back to 1998 with an IT company called Lab Four Systems (formerly Lan One) which after years of providing IT services directly to businesses, pivoted to helping companies upskill their own employees in various areas of IT. Security Tapestry represents the natural progression of that shift toward helping businesses manage their own network systems and security; and aims to address the increasing need for cybersecurity in the modern world.

Cybersecurity attacks can be extremely costly for businesses – not only monetarily, but also in terms of customers’ trust in your ability to keep their information safe.

Using our industry-leading scanning tools; partnerships with leading security companies such as Rapid7, Security Onion, Cisco, and Microsoft; and engineers with industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications; Security Tapestry will produce an in-depth analysis of your company’s vulnerability to cyber threats as well as create a comprehensive, customized solution to mitigate the risk of a security breach on your web application or network. Security Tapestry is committed to providing an affordable way for businesses to rest easy, knowing their cybersecurity needs are met.