Web App Penetration Testing

Web App Penetration Testing

A recent banking fraud operation involving an SMS attack… compromised 16,000 devices causing over $10 million in damages. – 2021 Cybersecurity Statistics

The goal of network and cloud security is to identify and solve problems to bring your network devices back into compliance. Keeping your network and cloud secure is a vital part of the complete cybersecurity package because 27% of all data breaches for small business are caused by malicious hacker attacks. Not to mention, companies can incur hefty fees and penalties for not complying with the typical industry standards. The Security Tapestry team uses their experience in network and cloud security to mitigate these offenses and offers the following services:

Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

Network vulnerability scanning provides companies with the opportunity to identify active IP addresses and scan them using industry-leading tools with the goal of discovering vulnerabilities in both internal and external networks. Comprehensive automated testing will identify as many network-related vulnerabilities as possible.

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Network Penetration Testing

Security Tapestry uses automated and comprehensive manual testing throughout the network penetration testing process. These methods will identify network and business logic-related vulnerabilities. Similar to the vulnerability scanning and assessment, Security Tapestry holds our network penetration testing to standards that meet or exceed those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Our penetration testing is designed to truly simulate the attacks of a real-world malicious hacker. This includes specialized vulnerability assessments, automated scans, and manual techniques, all of which work together to reduce false positives and identify security gaps.