How Our Incident Response Services Can Benefit You

A Comprehensive Approach

Our approach, which involves the active participation of all team members, encompasses thorough digital forensic analysis, breach support, and IoC detection.

Enhancing Incident Response

Enhance your ability to respond effectively to cyber breaches, minimizing damage, and ensuring swift recovery.

Reducing Security Risks

We assist in mitigating security risks by implementing comprehensive methodologies.

Swift Analysis and Recovery

Our experienced responders employ well-tested and repeatable methods and procedures for quick analysis and recovery.

Reducing Breach Impact

Our well-established capability is designed to minimize the impact of a breach.

Preventing Data Breaches

We adopt a proactive approach to prevent data breaches.

Comprehensive Incident Response Programs To Address Modern Threats

Incident Management Program

Our Incident Management Program service at Security Tapestry offers access to expert resources dedicated to assessing and enhancing all aspects of your incident management lifecycle. This service is designed to aid in the prevention or reduction of operational losses stemming from unwanted security events.

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Incident Response Service

At Security Tapestry, our experienced team of experts is prepared to assist or augment your existing team when signs of unauthorized activities are detected. Our full-scale incident management program encompasses detection, triage, response, containment, mitigation, prevention planning, and recovery.

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Customized Incident Response Services for Your Organization

Incident Management Program EvaluationOur cyberdefense team conducts a thorough assessment by examining pertinent documentation and utilizing tailored frameworks. This enables us to conduct a gap analysis and offer remediation recommendations.
Incident Management Strategy and Roadmap CreationBuilding upon the findings of the gap assessment, we will formulate an ideal future state for your incident management program. This will be accompanied by a roadmap outlining the necessary technology, processes, and resource enhancements.
Custom Incident Response Plan and Playbook CreationSecurity Tapestry specializes in crafting a tailored incident response plan for your organization, taking into account factors such as threats, regulatory requirements, organizational culture, and technological considerations.
Incident Response and Forensics Operations EvaluationWhen an IoC is detected within your network, we offer a thorough evaluation of your existing internal processes and procedures for managing incidents.
Electronic Discovery and Digital ForensicsOur discovery services encompass a comprehensive range of investigative capabilities focused on information systems. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with experience in commercial litigation and criminal investigative proceedings.
Incident Response Retainer ServiceWith our incident response retainer, you can define the terms and conditions for service delivery in the event of a security incident. This ensures that you have a trusted advisor ready and waiting when needed.


What is Security Log Management?

At our Cybersecurity firm, we offer Security Log Management as a part of our Secure Infrastructure services, aimed at aiding you in the detection and handling of security incidents and events occurring within your network.

In modern enterprise networks, the landscape is characterized by a multitude of network devices, operating systems, databases, and appliances, all of which necessitate diligent monitoring and management. Our secure infrastructure services are designed to centralize and streamline the vast amount of data generated by your network devices, enabling you to promptly recognize and respond to security risks.

The primary functions of this service encompass:

  1. Aggregating, alerting, and reporting on logs
  2. Detecting and preventing intrusions
  3. Placing and fine-tuning Network Access Connections (NAC)

These activities facilitate your organization’s ability to effectively monitor alerts and identify potential threats to your network.

What is Incident Response and Forensics?

What constitutes an event?

What is an alert?

How do we define a security incident?

What methodology is adopted into our process?

What does the Incident Response process entail?

How does the customer notification process work?

Security Tapestry Operations Warranty

Embrace the peace of mind with Security Tapestry’s Operations Warranty. When you become a customer, you’re backed by our cybersecurity warranty. This includes up to $1,000,000 in financial assistance to address cybersecurity incidents, ensuring you’re supported not just in defense, but also in recovery and resilience.